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Wedding Joy

January 5, 2011

“Let joy be unconfined.”
~Mark Twain

The joy of a wedding.  Most people, by the time you get to be in your twenties, have experienced some angle of the joy found in a wedding; the smiles, the tears, the laughing and the dancing.  I feel extremely blessed to have not only been a part of this joy in many of my friend’s lives, but to have also experienced it for my own wedding and marriage.

Today I once again, stumbled across a non-profit organization called Wish Upon A Wedding, which until recently was not yet in Indiana.  The 2011 year, however, will be their first year to assist couples in the state of Indiana.

The organization (which if you click the link, is sure to explain much better then I can) functions as a matchmaker for individuals who are facing terminal illness and serious life-altering circumstances with vendors willing to volunteer their services and products for the couples wedding or vow renewal.

As I clicked on the link today, and once again was touched by the heartfelt stories of the couples in the videos, I attempt to think of how different my romance with my husband would have been if either of us had been terminally ill.  And how unlikely having a beautiful fairytale wedding would seem.

So, my application is in to be a vendor for Wish Upon A Wedding and if you have services to offer, I encourage you to sign up as well!

Next post will be a top 10 of 2010, check back in the next few weeks to see it.


And because no post is complete without a photograph, here’s an image from my wedding [smile].  Our photographers, Studio 6-23, did an amazing job.

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