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Latasha Yoga!

March 26, 2013

“Namaste – the light that shines within me bows and honors the light that shines within you.”

I started doing yoga in college [it was among the required physical education classes].  And I ended up looking forward to it EVERY.SINGLE.CLASS.  I loved it, and have taken every opportunity since then to get into yoga classes [if you have never tried it, you should ABSOLUTELY go; even if you aren’t athletic or flexible].

For me, yoga not only restores my physical well being, but also my mental well being.

Last year, the husband and I joined the local Kroc Fitness Center, where I was lucky enough to meet Latasha, who has been teaching yoga for many years.  A few weeks ago, we were finally able to sit down and talk about yoga, what ideas she has for the future, and her teaching [she currently also teaches in the school system; which is awesome!] and the plans she has to expand her yoga teaching into an online presence as well. These images will be part of the blog/website which she hopes to launch in the next few months [I’ll be sure to facebook and tweet it when she gets it up and running].

Latasha, I loved photographing you last week!  I look forward to our next shoot outdoors [whenever it finally warms up] around South Bend!



Here’s one of my favorites!  Click down on the gallery to see more.

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