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Suzanne & Brandon Wedding!

July 24, 2013

“Let it be, Let love live, Enjoy family, Cherish marriage as the sacred bond that it is, It’s not what you don’t have, it’s what you do.” -Suzanne Gatesman


My last entry was for Suzanne and Brandon’s engagement session, so you already know who they are and how they met :).  And now, here’s an entry for their wedding!  Which was beautiful, romantic, intimate and very family oriented.

These two, besides being wild about each other, were so kind and fun to work with on their wedding day.  Their wedding fit them so well!  That gold ring you see on Suzanne’s right hand in the image above, was incorporated into the ceremony in memory of her mother who passed away 7 years ago.  Additionally, at the end of their ceremony, they invited their guests to come up to the chuppah, take off a flower, and toss it into the pond in remembrance of someone.

This was also the first reception I attended/photographed at the Northern Indiana Events Center [a part of the RV Hall of Fame, for you locals :)], and it was GORGEOUS!  We also were able to sneak away from the reception for a bit to head downtown and take some portraits right before sunset, and I’m so glad we did!  They are STUNNING!!

Brandon and Suzanne, you guys are so fabulous!  Thank you so much for inviting us to photograph our wedding day!  We loved it!


PS: Special thanks to Stephanie for second shooting this wedding with me!









*I love love LOVE the picture below.  Look at Brandon’s face! So genuine :)SB-W-FAV022














Hair : Karen Gatesman [grooms mother]

Catering : Matterhorn Caterer [Melissa was very helpful and worked hard to do everything I wanted]

Florist : Polly McCarthy

Ceremony : Brides Uncle’s house off Birch Lake

Reception Venue : Northern Indiana Event Center

Sound/Lights : Sure Tones Entertainment [Jared]

Cake/Cookies : Adam’s Cake Shop

Dress : Brides by Demetrios

Shoes : Jessica Simpson

Bridesmaid Dresses : Jordan Fashions

Hotel : Comfort Suites North, Elkhart [Ruth, the manager, and employees were great and we had a very pleasant stay]

bride & groom first dance : Frank Sinatra “The way you look tonight”
father/daughter :  Rascal Flatts “My wish”
mother/son  : Good Charlotte “Thank you mom”


Most memorable moment?

S: The ceremony, walking down the aisle and seeing my now husband looking back at me.  Staring into his eyes the whole time, I almost got lost listening to the officiant.
B:  Seeing her for the first time walking down the aisle.  

Advice for future brides?

S: If planning your own wedding; giving everyone a job for the morning of the wedding so you can focus on yourself and enjoy your day. Make sure DJ knows when to do certain traditions; Ex: I should have wrote some things down because we missed one thing (The Chairs “The Horah”) and one other thing got confused and had to be re-explained to the guests.  Also, I recommend having bridal flip flops for dancing at reception!
B: Always plan things at at least a half hour later than you anticipate. (We were late to our reception and missed out on our amazing appetizers and the open bar should have started later as well). 

Funniest memory?

S:  The AC wasn’t working that well and it got so hot we had to go into a different room and I had to lay on a table to cool off.  I remember just laughing and having the greatest time:)
B:  Kaden, the little man on the dance floor! Break dancing and having an amazing time

If you could do it all over would you change anything?

S: I would have started the reception about an hour later than planned.  Maybe have the bar open but start the food later.  I felt rushed eating dinner. Other than that it was amazing and beautiful.  I think the Polly McCarthy had a lot to do with the beauty of the venues.  I also had a photographer, you and Stephanie, that captured everything and talked us into doing night time pictures.  You were right! I’m so glad we had that time downtown.  It was so much fun :) I wouldn’t change any vendors.  They were all great!
B:  Brandon says “ditto”


We picked up our dogs and drove across the country to get home to California.  A long trip but it has been nice just being home and being married :)

Anything else?

S: I wanted to mention how much I appreciated you lacing up my corset before the ceremony:), and Jared was a GREAT DJ!, Stayed until we had to be out of the reception hall, experienced and professional.  Also, our cake was one the the most beautiful cakes! I loved it! He [Adam] was given free range for the cookies and he went out of his way to put my wedding color and my theme of doves on each one. 

*click on the images below to view larger

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  1. Suzanne Gatesman permalink
    August 12, 2013 11:34 pm

    Maike, your the best! I just looked at our wedding pictures again and I absolutely love them. They give me great memories and they will for years to come!


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