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Emerald Acres! Indianapolis, Indiana Stylized Winter Shoot

March 15, 2016

“This world is but a canvas to our imagination.” -Henry David Thoreau
Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

And finally, what you have all been waiting for!  Okay, well, at least everyone involved in this awesome shoot has been waiting for it!

Full disclosure, this is the first STYLIZED shoot I’ve been a part of actually planning.  And can I just say, mad props to you guys out there planning a wedding!  You are rockstars!  Planning all the beautiful details and vendors, and look and colors, etc is HARD work.  Awesome Amanda and I [and later Nakia], got together after Christmas and started dreaming up this shoot… and then re-dreaming because a couple big things fell through.

And I could not be more proud of how it turned out.  I don’t even like pink very much, but LOVE how the pink and the gold and the lace and the general feel of Emerald Acres Wedding Barn turned out!

To pull it all off, we worked with some AWESOME vendors!  There’s the traditional list at the end of this blog post with their names and links, but you’ll also find information throughout this post about their businesses, and links to their Facebook and Instagram [you know you want to follow us all! Support small businesses and give us a like/follow!]

Special thanks to our models Samer and Jenny [not a real life couple ;)].  You guys were AMAZING to work with, and made my job so easy!  This shoot took place at Emerald Acres Wedding Barn, and all the images [with the exception of the brick wall with the teal windows], were taken on the venues property.

And now, without further ado, here’s images from our stylized shoot last month!


Indianapolis Wedding Photographer Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

This beautiful jewelry comes from Katie, at Katie Carder Fine Jewelry [rings, earrings, and necklace].  Facebook HERE, and Instagram HERE.  Katie, owner and creator, crafts botanical jewelry inspired by the natural world surrounding her.  Based out of Indy, she’s been in business 8 years.  TOTALLY go and check out these beautiful gems!Indianapolis Wedding PhotographerIndianapolis Wedding Photographer Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

Invite designs are from Melissa at Paper Truly!  If you follow me on facebook, you know I’m a HUGE fan of Melissa’s work!  We lived in Springfield, Missouri at the same time [we were both in college, but didn’t actually go to the same college].  Her work is so super unique and wonderfully thought out through all the details.  She’s been rocking in her business for 7 years.  Follow her on Facebook HERE, and Instagram HERE!Indianapolis Wedding PhotographerThe main reason I even started thinking about this shoot was because Geralyn at Emerald Acres Wedding Barn posted in a local wedding vendor group, opening up her location for any stylized shoots vendors wanted to get together and create!  SO super glad she did!  Emerald Acres Wedding Barn is a beautiful venue a bit out in the country, where you can have some big sky photos and take a walk through the trees, and have your guests smell the fresh country air.  They’ve had the barn open for business for the past year.  The above image was taken in the upstairs of the barn, where there are chandeliers and beautiful twinkling lights.  Facebook them HERE, and Instagram HERE!Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

The beautiful guest book on the left was created by Megan Winn, owner of Binding Bee. This book [along with the Vow Journals], are WONDERFUL.  If you are looking for a super beautiful, custom crafted book for your vows and your guests, look her up!  She’s also out of Indy, and you can follower her on Facebook HERE, and Instagram HERE!Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

Amanda contacted Party Time Rentals in Indy on a whim, and I’m SO glad she did!  She was able to sit down with Nancy and talk about our vision and color pallet and they were able to send over the gorgeous chairs, linens and the table settings!  We LOVE how this look turned out!Indianapolis Wedding PhotographerThe beautiful flowers above are from Julie’s Flowers of Geist.  We’re so thankful that Julie was able to come through for us on florals [being that the shoot was the day after Valentines Day and all].  See more of Julie’s Flowers on Facebook HERE, and Instagram HERE!
Indianapolis Wedding PhotographerIndianapolis Wedding PhotographerCake!!! Because we were thinking so many small gold items, and intricate detailed delicate pieces for this shoot, we wanted to choose a cake that was still a WOW-cake, but a subtle woah-how-pretty.  Simply Perfection Cakes let us use this sample cake and it was PERFECT!  We added some small flowers from the florist, and Nakia came with the gold love for the topper.  Sweet, subtle, and gorgeous!  Facebook these guys HERE!Indianapolis Wedding PhotographerIndianapolis Wedding Photographer

Jenny totally rocked this beautiful dress from Nancy’s Bridal Boutique.  It’s not glaringly obvious in all the photos, but it is a beautiful blush dress.  Just a hint of pink, and I LOVE it.  The mink stole is actually vintage Maike’s New York Grandma [I’ve been waiting patiently for an awesome shoot to put it in, and I feel like it grounded the look beautifully!  And it kept Jenny warm, with the snow on the ground and all ;)].  Facebook Nancy’s Bridal HERE, and Instagram HERE!Indianapolis Wedding PhotographerIndianapolis Wedding PhotographerIndianapolis Wedding Photographer Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

The super smart suit Samer wore for our shoot is from J.Benzal. And, can I just say, after seeing this suit in person, and photographing it, EVERY groom should get his own custom designed suit for his wedding.  This is totally something I’m going to put on the ‘to-buy’ list for my husband.  I’m OBSESSED with how awesome it is!  Facebook them HERE, and Instagram them HERE!Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

Nakia Miller, from A Handcrafted Affair has been in business for two years.  We added Nakia to the design team for this shoot and she was SOOOOO awesome!  She designed the Golden Beaded Garland for the ceremony portion of our shoot above, and also did the ‘groom’ word lapel design and brought along a bunch of awesome details like the gold flatware and pink goblets.  We couldn’t have done this shoot so successfully without her help!  Follower her on Facebook HERE, and Instagram HERE!Indianapolis Wedding Photographer Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

I stumbled across MB Made through etsy [Do you guys ever do that?  Just wander through local listings to see what people in your city are making?  It’s so COOL to see the creativity in your own town!]  Morgan’s custom mugs and glasses are gorgeous.  She’s only been in business 7 months, but her work is AWESOME, and we loved filling up those champagne glasses with our pink Moscato [also: yum].  Check it out on Facebook HERE, and Instagram HERE!Indianapolis Wedding Photographer Indianapolis Wedding PhotographerIndianapolis Wedding Photographer

And now I’m going to brag on Amanda Clark just a little bit more.  You GUYS.  Amanda is the BEST [I mean, she is a former M.Rinaye bride, and she does continue to refer awesome wedding clients to me so she’s awesome in both those way, but ALSO in the whole coordinating/planning/helping way too].  When I first decided I was going to adventure into the world of stylized shoots, I thought to myself, “How hard can it be?”  And the answer is: Dude, this is a lot of work.  I seriously would not have been able to pull off such an amazing shoot without Amanda!  Amanda’s been coordinating weddings for friends and family the past two years, and is dipping her toes into the professional pool this year.  Her day job is as an interior designer, and in planning this, you can SOOO tell she just has an eye for making things look AMAZING together!  I’m so excited she’s getting into planning professionally and I would recommend her to ANYONE looking for an awesome coordinator.  Hit her up with an e-mail to inquire!Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

And last but not least, special shout out to my second shooter Ashley!  I love working with her.  She see’s things I don’t see, and is totally on it when I need her to grab a shot, or do it a certain way.  She’s absolutely one of my favorite people to shoot with, and she’s a ton of fun to just hang out with too.  If you haven’t yet, you SOOOO need to go find her page on Facebook HERE, and follower her awesome Instagram HERE!Indianapolis Wedding Photographer Indianapolis Wedding Photographer Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

Venue : Geralyn, Emerald Acres Wedding Barn

Dress : Nancy, Nancy’s Bridal Boutique

Suit : Ben, J.Benzal

Hair : Emily Pelsue, DL Lowery

Make Up : Jessica Rowls, DL Lowery

Florist : Julie, Julie’s Flowers of Geist

Cake : Simply Perfection Cakes

Rings/Jewelry : Katie, Katie Carder Fine Jewelry

Invitations : Melissa, Paper Truly

Chairs/Linens/China : Nancy, Party Time Rentals

Mr. & Mrs. Champagne Glasses : Morgan, MB Made

Guest Books/Vow Books : Megan, Binding Bee

Golden Beaded Garland for Ceremony Location : Nakia, A Handcrafted Affair

Second Photographer : Ashley Hayhurst

Bride Model : Jenny [who’s a real life actress]

Groom Model : Samer [who’s a real life hair stylist]

Wedding Co-Ordinator/Designer/Dreamer : Amanda Clark

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  1. destineeblau permalink
    March 15, 2016 3:46 pm

    Wow! I can’t even imagine all the work that went into planning this. Everything looks Amazing! And your images after just wow! Love!

  2. Laurie permalink
    March 16, 2016 12:27 pm

    I’m in love with it all!! Such gorgeous details that you captured perfectly, the ceremony shots are so fun and intimate I feel like I was there! And the portraits are absolutely beautiful!! Gorgeous work!

  3. March 16, 2016 12:40 pm

    How fun!! What a great set! Love all of those details!

  4. March 16, 2016 1:53 pm

    SO pretty….Amazing photography and great work by all the vendors!

  5. March 16, 2016 3:57 pm

    Beautiful images… Jenny and Samer made it look easy to be cold. :) Such a great stylized shoot!

  6. March 17, 2016 5:17 am

    How cool are all of those details!! Loving that invitation suite and all the gold cake table details! All of your hard work paid off, this stylized shoot is incredible! Awesome photos by you and awesome work from all the other vendors too!

  7. lauren permalink
    March 17, 2016 3:08 pm

    gorgeous! everything came together flawlessly – love the gold!

  8. March 17, 2016 10:41 pm

    How awesome!! Everything turned out so beautifully!!

  9. March 20, 2016 4:23 pm

    her dress, the colors, the intimate feel, the lush details – I can’t get over it all! The images are just so so good and made this shoot come to life! LOVE them ALL!

  10. March 21, 2016 11:56 am

    Um yes…I’m obsessed with that suit as well, it’s awesome…and her dress, just gorgeous! I love the contrast between the brick wall and their outfits. Amazing job!

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