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Diana and John! Indianapolis, Indiana Engagement Photography

June 12, 2018

“Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you.” Loretta Young

Meet Diana and John!  While they aren’t getting married in Indy [darn it!], they hired M.Rinaye to photograph their engagement session here!  They’ve been here for a few years now, and last fourth of July they got engaged downtown at the war memorial building, [so obviously we had to work that awesome building into our shoot!]  Since they’ll be moving out of town in the next couple months, they wanted to get some engagement photos to remember their time here, and this season of their life.

We started the session with their sweet kitty cat DJ!  I’ve only ever photographed an engagement session including a cat one other time [remember Meredith and Jeremy’s engagement session?]  And I don’t have a cat [just two dogs, a husband and a 1 year old], so this is sort of out of my wheelhouse.  I kept trying to make noises for him to look at me/the camera, and jump around and talk to him… and guys.  HA!  Cat’s do not care one bit if you are acting like a fool.  They only want to do what they want to do.  So the first part of our session with DJ was largely up to him: where he wanted to go, which way he wanted to look, and if he was okay being picked up or not [what did seem to work, was lots of pets from his humans to keep him happy for a few moments of non-wandering].

After that we headed downtown to the canal, where we had THE BEST LIGHT EVER.  Okay, maybe I’m being dramatic, but seriously, golden hour is awesome.  The Indy canal is awesome.  Being outside without snow or rain is awesome.  And everyone else thought so too, because it was SO busy.  But delightfully busy.

Diana and John, I loved hanging out with you for your Indianapolis engagement session!  So glad I came up in your google searches :).  Best of luck in your next endeavors and your wedding planning this next year!


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