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Sarah and Bobby! Indianapolis, Indiana Wedding

October 28, 2018

“We’re all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness—and call it love—true love.” -Robert Fulghum

And they’re UP!

Welcome to the blog again Sarah and Bobby! [They had their engagement session last fall-ish, where we might have froze just a bit…. their wedding photographs outside for their labor day weekend wedding however, we did NOT freeze #allthesweat.

I’m so excited to share these wedding photos with you!  The day was filled with beautiful moments.  We had an impromptu first look with Sarah’s dad, that had everyone sniffling with how much emotion was in the air, then the couples first look on a beautiful bridge in their neighborhood [side note: if you don’t have a spot that’s important to you to incorporate into your first look, it’s totally cool.  We’ll find a perfect spot.  In this case, I love the fact that they can go and walk over this bridge and remember their first look as often as they want].

Their vows were AWESOME, and I loved that the pastor brought up a story about when Sarah and Bobby were first dating, Sarah [an actuary/numbers girl], said something along the lines of, “There’s a high probability that this guy is THE guy”.

Sarah and Bobby, you guys love each other so well.  I’m so glad we’re friends, and that I was invited to be part of your wedding day and taking this beautiful photos of your promises to each other, and your partying with your friends.

Hope you enjoy all your ‘firsts’ as husband and wife!


Hair : Evan Todd Salon

Make Up : Crystal Haffner, Beauty by Crystal

Flowers : P&D Flower Farm

Wedding Day Coordinators : Christine Kingery Events

Ceremony : Common Ground Christian Church

Reception Venue : Indianapolis ArtsGarden

Music : Jared Wade Entertainment

Cake : Ritz Charles

Catering : Ritz Charles

Dress : Morilee from Bridal Superstore

Brides Shoes : Toms :)

Bridesmaids Dresses : Azazie

bride & groom first dance : Perfect, Ed Sheeran
father & daughter dance : I Loved Her First, Heartland
mother & son dance : You’ll Be in My Heart, Phil Collins


Most memorable moment?

S: The moments I spent with my dad were most memorable. Our relationship is fine, but we aren’t close (especially like my mom and me). From the impromptu first look Maike arranged for my dad and me, to him walking me down the aisle, to him giving a welcoming speech, to our father-daughter dance, and as we danced to “Sweet Caroline” together, I will forever cherish our moments together that day.

B: 1) Discovering Sarah got the inside of my ring engraved without me knowing saying, “My Love, My Teammate, My Superman”. 2) going through the Taco Bell drive through with Sarah on our way home still wearing our fancy clothes and having the employee question why we were getting Taco Bell if we just got married.

Advice for future brides/grooms?

S: Take a deep breath, you’re doing great, everything is going to be fine (something my matron of honor told me a bunch leading up to our wedding day and even leading up to walking down the aisle).

B: Make sure wedding duties are shared so no one person gets too stressed.

Funniest memory?

S: I’ve been struggling with this one for days and still don’t have a great answer, so here are a few small ones: Watching Mr Whiskers interact with everyone getting ready at the house, Watching the bromance between Bobby and his best man (who I had never met until the day before), When Sweet Caroline played, everyone on my dad’s side of the family circled up around him and started chanting, “Ed, Ed, Ed” because he did some animated dancing to it at a wedding two weeks before, Seeing all the guys go leaping for the garter, When Bobby realized his ring was engraved, The Taco Bell story, Watching the flower boys and ring barer go down the aisle. Ok, the list is probably too long now…

B: Going through the Taco Bell drive through with Sarah on our way home still wearing our fancy clothes and having the employee question why we were getting Taco Bell if we just got married.

If you could do it all over would you change anything?

S: Nope!

B: I would help Sarah out more with wedding planning.


We’re not taking one until December, which I totally stand by because we spent the majority of the few days we took off after the wedding sleeping! We will be headed to Isla Mujeres, though.

Any others vendors you want to give a shout out to?

Jared Wade!!! [guys, I agree, if you’re searching for a DJ, give Jared a call, he’s awesome].

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