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5 Tips for Hiring Your Wedding Photographer

January 4, 2019

“Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.” — Aristotle

There are SO many different stages to planning a WEDDING: excitement, starting to dream up ideas, narrowing down the guest list, setting a date, finalizing the budget and THEN the point where you start to hire your wedding vendors!  First check is written and it all starts to become real.

Most of us haven’t studied much event planning and have minimal first hand experience hiring these type of event vendors.  I’m here to help you!  In case you’re new here, my name is Maike [like: Mike-uh], I’ve been a professional photographer since 2006 and started my wedding and portrait photography business in 2010 [M.Rinaye Photography].

Before you start writing checks, I have FIVE tips to hiring a photographer so that beyond the wedding day, you will have beautiful heirloom photos to remember the promises and fun for years and years to come.

ONE | Meet in Person

Try your best to meet up in person. Sometimes logistically you can’t make this happen, but Skype or Facetime are good substitutes, and a phone call is a good runner up option.As a photographer, my job is to shadow you ALL day.I’m the only vendor by your side from the moment you sit in the makeup chair until your magical sparkler exit.It’s SUPER important that our personalities mesh.Obviously beautiful photos are important, but surrounding yourself with people you like and are comfortable with will be invaluable in creating the ideal atmosphere on your wedding day.

TWO | Ask about Cameras

Ask how many cameras your photographer will bring.It might seem like a weird thing, but as digital photographers, we’re basically carrying around tiny computers, and we all know that even the best computers CAN run into problems, get glitches, or stop working randomly.You want to make sure your photographer has a back up camera in case that happens.I photograph with two cameras strapped to me [because I don’t like changing lens while shooting], so if one isn’t working properly I can grab the other and not miss any special moments.If they both have issues, I have a third camera in my bag I can pull out in an emergency.

THREE | How Many Photographers

We were just talking about computer glitches, but just as important is having a second photographer, for some of the same reasons and some different ones.Many professional photographers can shoot a wedding solo [I’ve done it!] BUT, there are perks of having two photographers. You can get photographs of two things happening at the same time; such as you and your dad hanging out before you walk down the aisle to your love, AND your love waiting anxiously to see you walk down the aisle in all your wedded glory.A second photographer will also provide more candid angles, such as the main photographer will have you looking at him/her for traditional poses, while the second photographer will be watching for the side photographing you laughing with your bridesmaids in between formal shots, or a cute photo of the flower girl being adorable to the side of the bridal party shot.And lastly, as we talked about in the point before, it’s a security measure.The first kiss often lasts 2 short seconds.With two photographers on it, it’s less likely to be missed.

FOUR | Full Gallery

You’ve probably looked over their entire website and read through the last 50 blog entries, so you have a feel for who they are and how they shoot, but you don’t know what you don’t know!If your photographer is like me, LOVES the portrait side of things, and really flourishes in their art during that portion of the day, they might have an unbalanced amount of these images on their website/social media [I am guilty of this, I’m sure].When you ask to see a full gallery or album of wedding day images you’ll be able to see every part of the day and how they approach it.A photographer could be amazing at candids while you get ready but not be strong in a dark reception venue.You want to make sure you know what to expect when you get your images back after your wedding.

FIVE | Engagement Session

I know there’s a budget involved and sometimes there’s a time crunch or you don’t NEED engagement photos, but ABSOLUTELY make time for an engagement session with your wedding photographer.I include complimentary engagement sessions in each package because I think they are SO important to making your wedding day go smoothly.Engagement sessions give you a trial run with your photographer, AND, when you see the images before your wedding, you have a chance to see poses you LOVE [and can request for your wedding day portrait time], or maybe you notice a weird thing you do with your hands or face that you want to make sure NOT to do on your wedding day.Additionally, this gives the photographer a chance to really get to know you, see how you and your partner interact, and which poses fit you best.You get trial runs for your hair and makeup, so you should absolutely get a trial run for photography as well.


And that’s it!  Five tips for hiring your wedding photographer!  I hope you were able to find useful information for your wedding day planning and for starting your search for your wedding photographer!  If you love the photography shown here in this blog, and think we’d be a good match, I’d love to grab drinks and chat more with you!  [e-mail me at ohsnap at mrinaye dot com].

Happy wedding planning, and best of luck!


PS: Find more M.Rinaye Wedding Photos to wander through HERE:

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