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Trace Fashion Shoot! Indianapolis, Indiana

January 15, 2019

“True beauty is born through our actions and aspirations and in the kindness we offer to others.” -Alek Wek

Every once in a while, you stumble across something that just makes you go, “YES!  Sign me up!”  Early last fall, I’d made a new friend, and she was going to a meet up for 1 Million Cups at The Speak Easy.  The speaker looked interesting, and I’d been wanting to hear and experience a 1 Million Cups event, so I got up early, left the kiddo with Ronald and went!

And it was SUCH a good decision.  I got to hear Kristin talk about her startup business Trace Fashion, and her dream for her Indianapolis based company.  I’m a HUGE fan of small businesses, especially when women are pioneering them, so I went home, signed up to buy one of their first rounds of blazers through Kickstarter, and followed them on Instagram.  After following them for a few weeks, I thought, “This would be a super fun project”.  I shot a message to the account, and we started brainstorming THIS lifestyle shoot.

This shoot was SO lovely.  Kristin did awesome work in getting models, jewelry, and a house to shoot in!

The house, listed for rental is with Elizabeth Maora and located in Bates Hendrix. It was A DREAM to shoot in!  Every corner you turned you were like, “Yes please!  This is SO lovely!” [Side note, as I was editing, I was thinking how this would be a GREAT house to rent for a wedding for all your bridesmaids or groomsmen to get ready in!  On her website it’s called Viva Las Vegas. You’re welcome ;)].

The jewelry [Distinct Jewels] was SUCH a perfect match for the blazers.  And I loved meeting and working with the awesome models [Sierra is a fashion blogger, TOTALLY follow her, Danielle is a fellow photographer and creative, and Sam is a friend of Kristin who’s rocking mom-ing with her little baby bump, and her daughter also featured in the shoot].

So ladies, thanks for showing up and having a rad time with me for this shoot!  Kristin, can’t wait to get my blazer and to see your business bloom!


Kimono Blazer : Trace Fashion

Home : Elizabeth Maora

Jewelry : Distinct Jewels

Model : Sierra Holmes

Model : Danielle Lawson

Model : Sam and her daughter

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