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Howard and Walt! Stylized Wedding Shoot at The Speak Easy, Indianapolis, Indiana

January 28, 2019

“True beauty is born through our actions and aspirations and in the kindness we offer to others.” -Alek Wek

WAY back in the day, my house mates and I lived in a beautiful big house, with a beautiful big yard, and we used to throw amazing awesome themed parties [one was a ‘Princess Bounce House Party’ <-I’m not joking when I say AWESOME parties].  WHICH, is where I met Walt!  And as we chatted, we figured out that his husband Howard, probably attended at least one of those parties back in the day too. Getting nostalgic of the good old days during this shoot was delightful.

So YAY for photographing old friends!  While we were hanging out during the shoot, we got to talking, and Howard and Walt had such a good story about their wedding.  It goes something like this: It was the first day in Indiana that it was legal for them to get married [June 25th, 2014; they’d been together since 2009], Howard came home, and was like, “We have to go get in line to get married!”, and so they headed downtown, and waited in line for 2 hours to say I DO.

Since they didn’t have a traditional wedding, they don’t have traditional awesome professional photos from their wedding day, so having them be part of this shoot was SO lovely.  I love their story.  Also, if you’re thinking about eloping, HIRE A PHOTOGRAPHER!  I mean, just my opinion.  Just because you have a small intimate ceremony, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have beautiful images to remember your day.

Special shout out to Formally Modern who provided the tuxes for Walt and Howard!  They fit SO well, and were so wonderfully unique. Another shout out to Dapper Gent, who provided the suspenders and bow ties [and YES, that is a bow tie made out of cork!  How awesome is that?!?!]  Link to vendors featured below!


*Cork bowtie from Dapper Gent.  Doesn’t it got so PERFECTLY with that red jacket from Formally Modern ?!?  I LOVE it.

*We used that awesome pocket floral from Special Occasion Designs by Chrissy on Walt’s jacket too.  LOVE it.

*The photos above, SERIOUSLY make my mouth water.  Have you guys tried Nameless Catering’s green dressing?  It.Is.So.YUMMY.  [Real name is ‘Pesto Caesar’].

If you could do it all over would you change anything?

W: Maybe go earlier in the day, but nothing else.

*The back of Mama Carolla’s [the best Italian food in SoBro, IMO], looks like THIS [above].  LOVE me those awesome fall colors, and it’s just a short walk from The Speak Easy.
*Shhhh, don’t tell anyone, but we didn’t have champagne [oops], BUT, we did have beer on tap #thankyouspeakeasy.

What was the most memorable part of your wedding day?

W: Waiting in line 2 hours at the city/county building
H:  I had to be the wife on our marriage license since the forms weren’t updated.  

*I wish you could see it better, but Karen Couture Keepsakes, also hooked us up with the button boutonnière on Howard above.
*This super cool table is a Violet Vintage rental!  Isn’t it so gorgeous with Special Occasion Designs by Chrissy‘s floral arrangement on it?!

Advice for future couples or getting married?

W: Don’t stress with the small stuff.
H:  Show gratitude toward your spouse and have fun! 

Venue : The Speak Easy [Jessica]

Wedding Day Planner : It’s KEE Events [Kaitlin]

Groom/Groom Models : Howard and Walt

Wedding Attire : Formally Modern [Brian]

Couch Octagon Coffee Table : Violet Vintage [Megan]

Catering : Nameless Catering [Hannah]

Flower Center Piece/Floral Pocket Boutonnière : Special Occasion Designs by Chrissy

Suspenders/Bow Tie : Dapper Gent [Colleen]

Button Boutonnière : Couture Keepsakes [Karen]

Calligrapher : To Be Written Shop [Lydia]

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