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Boyle Family! Family Photography, Indianapolis, Indiana

February 6, 2019

“Motherhood is the greatest thing and the hardest thing.” – Ricki Lake

From the moment I chatted with Rebecca on the phone, I was like, “She’s cool”.  And then getting to meet Ryan and their beautiful daughter Leona, pretty much solidified their awesomeness.

I often get to photograph newborns, and one year olds, but it’s not often I get to photograph the in-between stages!  So photographing smiley 7 month old Leona was DELIGHTFUL!  Anyone who has kiddos and can remember back in the post-newborn, pre-toddler days, where routine was key, and short windows of time where you planned anything you needed to get done for the day, between naps and eating, and diaper changes, remembers the challenges.  So we had this block of time to squeeze in all the smiles with Leona and her parents, and even though Leona woke up early from her nap, she was a TROUPER!

While I was there, Rebecca and I talked about transitioning into motherhood, and how each of us have different challenges.  Fighting for balance, still holding onto your self identity after baby comes, dealing with poop, etc.  It reminded me how important it is to realize and love into the fact each mommy [and daddy], leans into parenting differently.  And how what makes me a great mom, or the things I need to do/be to be a great mom, might be different than what makes you a great mom.  Working, not working, breast feeding, formula feeding.  Everyone is trying to figure things out. There is no one right way for motherhood, and knowing yourself is an important part in being the best mom you can be.

Boyle family, it was so fun to visit your Fountain Square home and photograph your beautiful daughter, and your super sweet fun loving pup!

So excited to share these family portraits with you!  Cheers to parenthood and all the new learning curves that come with it!  You guys are doing an awesome job!


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