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Julie and Krishna and son Auguste! Stylized Wedding Shoot at The Speak Easy, Indianapolis, Indiana

February 15, 2019

“I wish I’d done everything on Earth with you.” —F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby 

I met Julie at the dress fitting at LUXEredux Bridal Boutique, and she had her hair all pulled back.  Towards the end we were talking about what we should do with her hair, and she let it all down, and it was SO SO SO LONG AND GLORIOUS!  Like Howard and Walt, Julie and Krishna also had an alternative wedding.  If I’m remembering correctly, it was something like, they were recently out of school, all their friends were scattered all over the world, and it just wasn’t an option, so they eloped!  [Which I think is still a romanic awesome story].  So once again we were photographing a couple who never had all the glitz and glam of a wedding with professional photographs!

Their little kiddo Auguste, was SO much fun to photograph.  Julie said he’d never seen her all done up with her hair and make up stylized.  When he saw her for the first time, he was kind of shy, which I found out later, was so NOT him [see every photo where he’s cheesing and totally loving all the attention].

And mad props to Julie for braving the cold for the shoot!  You did excellent!  I could only see your goosebumps a little bit ;).

And Hello Gorgeous you did AMAZING on her hair and make up.  I didn’t know what was up your sleeve for all that hair, but the style you created was such a PERFECT match for the dress and the feel of the shoot!

This blog post concludes the Speak Easy Stylized shoot blog features!  It was a lot of work, but MAN, I am proud of the beautiful images we created together.  Thanks to all the awesome vendors who made this possible, especially Kaitlin with It’s KEE Events; I could NOT have done it without your amazing planning skills [guys, hire her, seriously].


PS: Julie and Krishna, I can’t wait to photograph your family images!  This was awesome, but it’s going to be so much fun having a chance to hang out, play, and ya know, not be worried about freezing, or dripping an applesauce pouch on your clothes before we have a chance to photograph you ;).

*I don’t think I have every loved a dress image more than this beauty hanging on the art at The Speak Easy.  It’s like it’s PART of the art work!  I LOVE it.
*I told you guys, LONG LONG HAIR!  Next session we do Julie, we need to have them curl it and wear it long!  It’s so pretty!
*If we do a shoot together, and you come looking cute, and working on your thing, I will PROBABLY steal a photo of you.  Because how delightful does Lisa look here?  Totally in her floral element! 
*Sometimes I think about if I were getting married this year, what dress would I wear.  And I can’t say for certain [I didn’t try this dress on], but there is something about this flowey, flowery, Greek goddess, sweet, dress that is SO appealing to me.  It’s dressy, and absolutely feminine without being uncomfortable [and as a woman in her 30’s, comfort is pretty much top of my outfit choices these days].
*Shout out to Lydia with To Be Written Shop , she did all the awesome windows with quotes on them.  They were such a delightful addition to our shoot!  If you want to jazz up your wedding space with meaningful words, you should 100% check her out!
*The Speak Easy is FULL of sweet little nooks.  This is the bar area, so it’s front and center, but seriously!  We didn’t even use all the spaces we COULD have used.

Venue : The Speak Easy [Jessica]

Wedding Day Planner : It’s KEE Events [Kaitlin]

Bride/Groom/Kiddo Model : Julie, Krishna and Auguste

Hair/Make Up : Hello Gorgeous [Maddie & Kendra]

Wedding Dress : LUXEredux Bridal Boutique [Lexie]

Florals :  Where Pigs Fly and Such [Lisa]

Suspenders/Bow Tie/Bridal Clutch : Dapper Gent [Colleen]

Hanging Windows/Greenery/Dining Table Florals : Where Pigs Fly and Such [Lisa]

Vintage Wedding Ring : Katie Carder Fine Jewelry

Calligrapher : To Be Written Shop [Lydia]

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