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2 Year Old Griffin! Child Session, Indianapolis, IN

April 17, 2019

“Today you are You, that is truer than true.

There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” – Dr. Seuss

So Zander and I have accumulated a few mom/kid friends here and there, BUT, the majority of our tried and true friends are from Mommy and Baby Yoga [if you’re pregnant/just had a kiddo, TRY IT OUT!  Mimi is the instructor at IU and is great, and it was so good for Z and I to connect with each other, and you can do it pretty much until they start crawling everywhere].

Griffin and his mommy Amy are one of the friends we made in yoga class.  It’s fun to watch the boys growing up, but also, it’s great for me to have mommy friends [especially ones I can go out with sans kiddo and discuss all the things (especially when they’ve done more research on the next kid things than I have, ha!)]

So yay for Griffin!  He’s turning two soon, and Amy and Jeremy brought him into the studio thinking they wouldn’t probably be in many photos, BUT Griffin is a little bit of a momma’s boy, and we ended up including everybody in the shoot [so, any future clients, maybe be prepared, you might need to jump into a few shots, even if you don’t plan on it] [also, I don’t regret adding Amy/Jeremy into the shoot, I LOVE those images!]

Tricks we used: tossing goldfish crackers at the toddler as a game, singing songs, spinning, and chasing.

So maybe also come ready for a workout.

Griffin, you are ADORABLE, and I’m so glad you came on your adventure to see me in the studio!  I loved having you there and am so excited to celebrate your two-ness!  Amy and Jeremy, your kiddo is cute and I’m super glad we’re friends.


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