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Casey and Rob Engagement Session! Indianapolis, Indiana

May 7, 2019

“Does love make the world go around? Well yes. But whiskey makes it go around twice as fast.” – James Hauenstein

Spring means slightly itchy eyes, a runny nose for both me and Z, and pockets full of tissues that need to be double checked before laundry day.  BUT, it also means beautiful weather, sun shine, and pretty blooms on the trees!  I’m here for all the latter in this list.

And Casey and Rob’s engagement session was also here for all the spring-ness in Indy!  Our session was miraculously scheduled for the one day of sunshine in a stream of like, 500 days of clouds and rain.  So even though it was a tad cold for Indianapolis [and almost MAY!] it was so super delightful.

Since they got engaged at 1205 Distillery in Fletcher Place, we decided that’d be a rad place to meet up.  They ended up going a few days in advance, chatting with the owners, and sweet talked them into letting us shoot inside a bit after they closed [yay for rad small business owners!  You guys are so cool.  Also, if you haven’t been, the space is so cozy delightful, and right next to Repeal [my first time at 1205, but I HAVE been to Repeal and totally loved it].  And, ya know… starting a session off with a little alcohol is a great way to ease any nerves [but not too much guys, cause droopy eyes are not totally flattering].

So yay for this spring engagement session!

Casey and Rob, you two are so lovely.  I’m super stoked for your Speak Easy wedding in 2020!


*sometimes during engagement sessions, I have you do somewhat weird things… like skipping… BUT, how gloriously in sync are these two!!!

*You guys, UNDER the hang out area, are all the alcohol barrels.  It’s like this tiny room maybe 4 feet tall.  BUT I’M DIGGING the image above.  All the heart eyes!

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  1. Caitlynn permalink
    May 7, 2019 6:50 pm

    These two are insanely cute!! My favorite is the one of them sitting by the barrels inside the distillery. Love the fact that you were able to shoot where they got engaged!

  2. Wilbur permalink
    May 8, 2019 5:30 pm

    These two are so cute. These images are amazing. My favorite is the one with the kegs. Just looking at that one makes me feel like everyone was having a wonderful time. Amazing work! Congrats guys! Yay!


  1. Casey and Rob! Indianapolis, Indiana Wedding Photography | m.rinaye

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