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Alexander Cake Smash and One Year Old Portraits! London, England

May 28, 2019

“Whenever a toddler sees a pile of blocks, he wants to tear it down.” – J. J. AbramsMAYBE you saw the above sneak peek on facebook, and my little quip about how I flew to London to photograph this little dudes’ first birthday.  I was only sort of telling the truth.

The full truth, is back a couple years ago we traveled to Germany and saw my family and did the tourist bit, etc, and Ronald was all, “Next time we leave the country, I want to go somewhere where I can understand the language.”  Then, on our way back to the US, we were chatting and dreaming, and he was like, “England”.  Then mentioned something about how so many of his books are based in London, and he just wants to go drink beer, in a pub, in London.  

Shortly after that, our friends Amelie and Michael moved to London… and since R turned 40 this past February there seemed like no better opportunity to fly over there, stay with our awesome friends [who also had great advice for what to do/see/etc], and DO London!  And pretty randomly, we ended up being there over Alexanders 1st birthday!  So obviously we had to do a portrait session while I was there.

This little guy is cute, sweet, and full of adorable laughs.  He was a trooper when we went out to Greenwich for the day, and stayed out late for dinner.  He was also delightful to play with after our London shenanigans at the end of the day.

HOWEVER, lets talk a minute about the cake, and how absolutely UNINTERESTED he was in the cake.  I’m not an expert at cake smashes, but I’ve taken a few in my day, and this kiddo, could seriously not have cared less about the cake.  Ha!  We put it down, I took my position to get the first shot of him diving into it, then we put him down a few feet away, AND HE CRAWLED RIGHT PAST IT!….. TWICE!  Ha!  Eventually we encouraged a little play, but he mostly wanted to throw the 1 year old candle stick, and when he got icing on his hand, he rubbed it off on his pants.  And then, we showed him the inside of the cake [it was a beautiful rainbow cake], he crawled through it a bit, and pretty much got everyone else smudged with icing.

Kids man.

But, while he wasn’t super into the cake, we did get amazing photos and a perfect story to tell him in the future, when I imagine he will be much more interested in cake.

So here ya go!  Alexanders first birthday photoshoot in London, England!

Amelie and Michael, you guys are lovely humans.  I’m so glad we’re friends and that you let us crash your pad for the week.  You guys were great hosts!

Everyone interested in a cake smash, just a heads up, this could happen to you, and it will make a great story.


*It’s always nice to get that one photo of them crawling to the next destination, because let’s be real, so much of their day is getting from one interesting thing to the next via the crawl.

*the birthday balloons are also another story.  And it shows just how different, even at 1 year old, kiddos are!  Z was super into the balloons, pulled them down, tried to eat them, stared up at them a lot.  Alexander was into them, but also a little fearful of them.  Ha!  By day 7, he’d decided they were all right and he wanted to play with them more.

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  1. Caitlynn permalink
    June 6, 2019 2:13 pm

    Alexander is such a cutie!! I was cracking up when I read about how uninterested he was in the whole cake smash. Haha!! LOVE that family shot with all three of them together. Perfection.

  2. Kinunplugged permalink
    September 11, 2019 11:38 am

    Aww the photos are adorable. My little girl wasn’t a but interested in her cake either lol hoping she stays that uninterested in all things sugar!

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