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Piper Newborn Session! Zionsville, Indiana

June 15, 2019

“Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.” – Maya Angelou

Last fall I decided to sign up for the Motherhood together biweekly hangout meeting at my church [Common Ground Christian Church], and one of the guest speakers was a couple talking about marriage.  We chatted about all sorts of things, but then one thing was about going on dates with your spouse post-baby.  Ronald and I had hired someone to come watch Z a few times, and some lovely childless friends had also stayed with him a few times, but nothing regular.  So we’re talking about this during the small group table discussion time, and Emily was talking about how it’s hard, and expensive and how they don’t have grandmas/grandpas in town, and I was like, “WAIT!!!  Us either!  Let’s swap!”  [the speaker had given us the idea, but then I was like, “with who?”]

Our boys are literally days apart in age, and so starting last fall, every month, we find days to swap sitting so we can go on dates with our husbands.  And it’s beautiful.  It’s something I look forward to.  Sure, we might have gone couch shopping on one date-excursion, and Emily and Cole went to a hardware store to look at cabinet pulls on one of theirs.  But one night a month we can get away together and do whatever.  Glorious.

So yes, this is my friend!  And now this sweet family is a family of 4!

Ollie, for no nap, and being 2 years old, you were a rockstar.  Piper, everyone is so excited that you are here.  Welcome to the world little one!  Gram, you were so super helpful!  Thanks for snagging Ollie for tv time, and helping with high fives when he was getting tired of photos.

Cole and Emily, I’m so blessed by your friendship.  Thank you for inviting me into your home and creating these first memories of your family of 4.

Love you guys!

*That afghan under the basket, made by Emily’s momma… Pipers grandma… out of Cole’s momma’s [Pipers other grandma] alpaca’s wool.  How amazing, right?  So much talent.

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