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Quinn Newborn Session! Indianapolis, Indiana

July 16, 2019

“The moment I see my daughter’s face, I am instantly happier, my stress just disappears, and I forget everything else.” – S. Sreesanth

8 day old Quinn joined me in the studio for her session a couple weeks ago!  Oh, and her parents Paige and Micah were there too [not every day I get to hang out with another Micah ya’all!]

And guys, I think I’ve said it before, and if you come into the studio with a newborn, I’ll say it again: newborn sessions are ALL about them.  And I know that’s obvious [duh, that’s why you’re paying me to take photos of you anyway!], but what I mean is, they call the shots.  If they’re hungry, we take a break and get that baby some milk!  [And if you want, I’ll totally photograph you nursing or giving her a bottle].  If they go through 8 diapers while we’re hanging out, no big deal!  If they’re crabby and not feeling it, we rock, we snuggle, we turn up the heat and we wait it out.

Okay, so all that to say though, I didn’t really have to pull out many tricks with Quinn.  I think she cried for maybe a few seconds at one point during an outfit change, and after her first little nap where we got beautiful sleepy baby photos of her, she kind of kept one eye open the rest of the session [ha!] but she was so charming and cuddly and sweet.

Paige, I know I kept calling you Quinn [oops], but I’m so glad you found me, and that we were able to create these beautiful images of your sweet family of three!  Momming is hard work, but you seem to be embracing all the nuances of it so far!  Micah, high fives for being an awesome dad [guys, rumor has it, he’s purchased baseball themed headbands for his daughter already!]  Rad that we have the same name :).


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