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Fitz and Family! Family Session, Indianapolis, Indiana

October 10, 2019

The fundamental job of a toddler is to rule the universe. Lawrence Kutner

A few months ago, at the YMCA pool, I struck up a conversation with Steve who was there with his kiddo Fitz [the baby pool is where you get to have random half conversations in between chasing tiny humans between the zero-entry pool and the splash pad, but I’ll take it!] [Also, yay for dad’s who take their tiny humans out into the world and give momma’s a break!]

And a few weeks ago, we made these magical images happen!  Magical, because Fitz is almost one and a half, and if you have ever tried to take photos of a one and a half year old, YOU KNOW!  Luckily, I’m pretty good at my job ;), and I have excellent experience photographing Z to keep things entertaining, and work fast to get those awesome family portraits.

Speaking of Fitz and Z, Z was SO much like Fitz at his age.  Some kiddos are shy, and timid around new people, or new place.  Fitz and Z: nope.  They’re going 100 miles an hour, to explore everything, and say hi to everyone, and pick up all sorts of goodies they find along the way [at some point in our session, Fitz had collected every stick he’d come across and attempted to pull up a few roots to bring with too], he’d waved to neighbors out walking their dogs [we did their session starting at their house, and then wandering along a walkway by the water], and found a cat to pet and smile at.

Cindy and Steve, your kiddo is awesome.  As are you two [I mean, he obviously get’s it from somebody :)].  Thanks for inviting me to photograph your beautiful family!


PS: Stay tuned for part two from this family, which features Ducks and Doughnuts. 

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