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Ducks and Doughnuts! Father-Son Session, Indianapolis, Indiana

October 16, 2019

“If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, we have at least to consider the possibility that we have a small aquatic bird of the family anatidae on our hands.” – Douglas Adams

When Steve asked if I’d photograph just him and his son, the lovely one and a half year old Fitz, I was ALL ABOUT IT.  I suggested thinking of fun things they do together, or places they go, and we could center the shoot around that location and that fun thing for the two of them.  I mentioned the park, or a hiking spot, and his reply was, “Well, we do this thing on the weekends, where we go get doughnuts, and eat them in Broad Ripple while watching runners.  We wave at the runners, pet dogs, and then wander over to the ducks to watch the ducks.”

Guys, I LOVE doughnuts [remember Z’s first birthday party theme?!?], and wandering around with these two was SO delightful.  That did mean that we only got a handful of traditional “everyone look at the camera and smile” shots, but I think this session is full of so much more lovely moments.

The lovely way Fitz holds onto Steve’s finger when he crosses the road, or how excited he got when he got to pet one of the doggies they see every weekend, or the way Steve whisked him up out of the road when a car was coming.  Yes.  I’m here for all of it.  Children grown and change so fast.  It’s lovely to get beautiful photographs taken of their awesome smiles, and everyone together hugging on each other and loving each other, but it’s also pretty great to get beautiful images of those moments that are part of your routine, but that you know are so SO special, and something you’ll want to remember your entire life.

There was an article I read a couple weeks ago about this dad who every Friday [I think], would take his three boys out for Dairy Queen ice cream, and he would randomly post photos of them all in their booth eating ice cream, and eventually they all head off to college, and his last one was him in the booth solo.  BAH!  Traditions of time spent with the people you love are so beautiful.  And Fitz and his Dad going for doughnuts and to see the ducks is right in line with that.

SO, yes, I’m totally available for traditional sessions where we take beautiful photographs of your family or your kiddo.  I’m also available for incorporating a tradition you have into your session.

Fitz, I love your energy and the kindness you greet strangers and doggies with.  Steve, you’re one cool dad.


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