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Tyler Family! Indianapolis, Indiana Fall Family Portrait Session

January 10, 2020

“Ultimately the bond of all companionship, whether in marriage or in friendship, is conversation.” – Oscar Wilde

I’ve now photographed these beautiful humans a handful of times.  The first shoot we ever did was right when I was starting out and Eli, their oldest kiddo, had just been born, then we’ve done another one when both boys were in the picture, and another one with their extended family.  Back in the day though, these guys were definitely my husbands friends.  I mean, they were cool and all, but I didn’t KNOW them.  That was like, nine and a half years ago.

Since then though, magic has happened.  We moved back to Indy, and started hanging out here and there with them, then I was searching for some day away from mom school for my kiddo [they recommended a place that was PERFECT for us], and then Kristen and I started working out together [okay, the term “working out” I use loosely, but we definitely hang out at the YMCA one or two times a week together].  And now Kristen is one of my Indianapolis BFF’s.  I’m so grateful for her.  She’s got good parenting advice, she’s so smart and talking about God with her is so intriguing, she’s down for consignment shopping together, is THE friend to go to when you’re like “I feel like I need some nicer pants, that are comfy, but not jeans” [joggers, that’s the answer, though I haven’t tried them yet], and she shows up so well.  Guys, if you’re trying to find new friends, or grow better friendships: show up.  Say yes when there’s an invite.  Follow up on plans for lunch, or an art show, or a drink, or whatever.  Kristen is so good at this.

Steven’s alright too ;).  He and Ronald won 2nd and 3rd place last year in a winter 5K race together.  He used to own Fairly Handy, so he’s also the person I ask to borrow a saw from, or advice on what order I need to DIY my bathroom.

IN ANY CASE.  We did their family portraits, on a spectacularly beautiful fall morning [the day before it snowed here in Indy].  And I’M COMPLETELY OBSESSED!

Kristen texted the day before and was like, “I’m struggling with outfits”.  But guys.  I mean, woah.  I love this session so much.  Kristen should probably be an outfit consultant or something.

Ben and Eli, you guys are also rad.  Taking jumping photos of you was SO a highlight and will be featured on my website soon.

Tyler family, I like that we’re friends.  Thanks for being awesome.  And for hiring me to photograph your pretty faces.


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