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Parker! Indianapolis, Indiana Newborn Session

January 14, 2020

“A baby is born with a need to be loved – and never outgrows it.” – By Frank A. Clark

When you’re BFF is expecting a baby, it seems weird to gift them diapers sometimes [I mean, that IS probably the most practical thing, but ya know…]  I have mixed gift giving feelings.  I LOVE finding the perfect gift, and thinking about my friend and what he/she would want, but I HATE the obligation of gifting something and the pressure to just buy some festive socks or whatever.  I want it to be good and useful, not destroy the environment, support small businesses and make my friends happy.

You know what is GOOD and USEFUL and will make your friends happy for YEARS AND YEARS TO COME?!?!  [oh, and also does not destroy the environment?] Family portrait session!

Which is what Kate and Colleen’s friends gifted them for their beautiful new little human Parker!  Who was AMAZING during her session.  This sweet baby was a trouper.  11 days old, and slept so beautifully for us.  We did most of their session in their awesome home in Fountain Square neighborhood, and then wandered down to the nearby park, where we hoped for some fall colors [we found one beautiful tree with leaves still on it], and also incorporated some perfect Christmas greens.

Kate and Colleen, you guys are doing awesome!  So loved hanging out with you three and taking this first family portraits.  From experience, your sleepless nights wont last forever, and the same with that newborn smell of sweet Parker.  Soak it all in!


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