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Jack’s New Born Session! Indianapolis, Indiana

February 11, 2020

“Making the decision to have a baby is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” ~Elizabeth Stone

At the very beginning of my career, I mostly photographed friends who I convinced to pose for me, or who I KNEW had just had a kid, and would be easily swayed into letting me crash their house for a few hours to photograph them.

After that, I dug into wedding photography pretty hard core, so I did an occasional session here or there for friends, but I mostly did weddings, in which case, we had met originally to chat for a couple hours about my style and packages and what their wedding was going to be like, and then we did their engagement session, and then we photographed their wedding.

In both of these early career situations, I had relationships with folks before they hired me and before I ever brought out my camera to take a single photo of them.

Launch into 2020, and I have flip flopped and now primarily photograph families, newborns, and other portrait sessions.  I show up [or they show up at the studio] and we’ve never met before.  I come into your home, rearrange some furniture, and get you to relax in front of my camera while making beautiful art and memories for you.  And I LOVE it.

I still love weddings, and photographing my friends, don’t get me wrong, but I love learning about people, in their space, with the folks they love the most and making art.

WHICH, brings me to introduce to you Jack!  And his rad parents Sheena [who found me on the midtown swaparoo- gosh I love that site], and Alex!

Between Alex’s busy schedule and the holiday, we scheduled his session I think the day before he turned 3 weeks old.  Which you can see by these photos, he wasn’t really interested in being wrapped up, had his eyes open much more than a fresh newborn, and LOVED to stretch and look around.

I love it.

There’s no ‘right time’ to get photos taken.  IF you want the rolled up, squishy, sleepy newborn images then definitely get them taken before 10 days old if possible.  BUT, if you want the kiddo to be a little more alert, and active, totally wait.  You might remember, I didn’t get to my sisters baby until about the same time as Jack’s session, but there’s nothing I don’t love about them.

I will say, there is an awkward stage between when babies are a little thicker but haven’t started to sit up on their own yet.  Maybe try to avoid scheduling a session during that time, but all the other times are GREAT!  Ha.

Sheena warned me when I got there that she doesn’t usually wear makeup, but had got it done before the session to feel a little more put together.  And I know she was out of her element, but dang girl!  You look SO pretty.  And I’m obsessed with your hair.  And also sad that Jack doesn’t have those curls [maybe someday?  I’ve heard first baby hair falls out and sometimes grows back differently?]  Alex, you’re fun to talk to.  I appreciate our conversation about how awesome science is [he works with folks who are trying to get pregnant].  Jack, you were an almost three week old little baby rockstar!  Love how curious you already are about the world, looking out windows and trying to decide if you like or dislike sniffs from Roland.

You guys were so warm to me from the minute I walked in [maybe that’s your southern charm?].  I loved photographing in your house, and hanging out with you three humans and that adorable dog Roland.  Thanks for hiring me for your first family portraits!


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