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Casey and Rob! Indianapolis, Indiana Wedding Photography

March 19, 2020

“With you, I’m happy being me
Don’t pretend, ’cause I don’t need to.” – Tom Walker


Amid all the chaos that’s been happening in the US and the world the last few weeks, I’m going to send some good beautiful things into the interwebs by blogging the wedding of Casey and Rob!  [Also, my sympathy goes out to all those of you who have had to postpone your wedding during this crazy season; what a story you will have to tell for years and years].

But I think you’ve heard enough about COVID-19 through the internets [hopefully you’re taking it seriously and fact checking meme’s that are like, “rinse your mouth out and you won’t get it”].

SOOOO, onto wedding fun!

You might remember Casey and Rob from their engagement session that was posted here on the blog this past fall.  We met up in Fletcher place, and took their engagement photos all over that sweet little neighborhood [also where Rob proposed to Casey, so a super sentimental spot; CLICK HERE to see more of those lovely portraits].

Their engagement session was rad, and so easy going and fun, so obviously their wedding followed suit.

AND, this was also the first LEAP DAY wedding I’ve ever photographed!  How delightful is that?  They will never be able to answer “How many years have you been married?” without a full conversation about it.  I love that.

Getting ready for the ladies was at an AirBnb in the Fall Creek neighborhood [I 100% suggest this if you’re going to get rooms/hotel/airbnb/etc anyway for your family; find one that’s big, and has awesome windows and character.  It is SO fun to photograph in these spaces].  And we met up with the guys at Casey and Rob’s apartment in Broad Ripple.  Ladies = chill, yummy drinks, yummy eats, delightful music.  Guys = energetic, beer, jokes, singing [I’ve never heard the Firefly song sung in such a way].

Their ceremony and reception were both held in Southern Broad Ripple [holler to SoBro!] at The Speak Easy!  I love this space.  Their wedding was my first official wedding there, but back in the archives you can find a rad stylized photoshoot I shot so it wasn’t my first time working in the space [HERE, HERE and HERE].

And I know I say this about every couple, but I really do truly feel like I have the best clients.  They are so kind and loving to each other and to me, and they trust me.  I love that.

So, things that stuck out from their wedding: Casey’s amazing dress [perfect for a wedding at a place called “The Speak Easy”, right?!?!], the very cool bouquets, boys singing with Alexa turned up as loud as possible in the apartment complex, first look at Locally Grown [shoutout to Ronnie who gave us permission to photograph in there!  That space is the raddest], the beautiful hanging lights in The Speak Easy, father of the bride leading the Barney song after his toast to the couple, the little boy who toddled out at the mother-son dance [I mean, how delightfully perfect?!?!], and the super fun dance party to end the night [I guess with roughly 800 brothers and sisters of Rob, the groom, that was bound to happen].

You two are SOOO lovely.  I’m so glad you found each other, fell in love, got engaged and then hired me to photograph your delightful wedding.  Hip hip hoorays for being married!


Hair : Laura Snyder

Make Up : Carly Sivillo

Flowers : Sola Wood Flowers

Ceremony/Reception Venue : The Speak Easy

Music : DJ Connection

Donuts : Long’s Bakery

Catering : Oca/Goose the Market

Brides Dress : Lulu’s

Brides Shoes : Nine West

Bridesmaids Dresses : Birdy Grey

bride & groom first dance : Better Half of Me, Tom Walker
father & daughter dance : Just Fishin’, Trace Adkins
mother & son dance : Boy, Lee Brice


Most memorable moment?

C : Definitely the first look! We really enjoyed being able to have a quiet moment together and got to take in what was about to happen! We also wrote letters to each other that we shared here which was a great way to share something more personal and private than vows in front of everyone else.

R : Getting to see each other at the first look, talk, and exchange letters we had written for each other was a great memory and made everything else going on not as stressful.

Advice for future brides/grooms?

C : I would highly recommend doing the first look and also taking a moment during the reception to stand aside and look at everyone that is there celebrating with you! We were lucky enough at the Speak Easy to stand on the loft and see everyone dancing below which is a great memory!

R : Enjoy the moment and don’t let anything take away from enjoying your wedding!

Funniest memory?

C : A few minutes after I walked into the first look to see Rob and while we were reading the letters we wrote for each other, I realized Bob Marley music was playing on the speakers. I giggled and said to Rob, that’s not exactly the music I had imagined but it lightened the mood and made us both laugh!

R : When my little brother/ best man told us to look in each others eyes and said we were looking at the person most likely to murder you. Morbid, but hilarious.

If you could do it all over would you change anything?

C : nothing!

R : nothing!


Whomp Whomp :(, the Banff and Lake Louise honeymoon at the end of the month has been canceled [darn COVID-19!]

Any others vendors you want to give a shout out to?

Alison Banks at the Artistry Group for her amazing help as our day of coordinator!


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