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Aryan! Indianapolis, Indiana Newborn Session

August 25, 2020

“For all the things my hands have held the best by far is you.”

Welcome to the world Aryan!  You guys, meet Aryan and Purva and Vivek!  Babies are amazing.  Baby Aryan was a champ for his session!  He slept beautifully, only cried a little bit, and, if I do say so myself, photographed spectacularly.

I will say though, momma Purva and Grandma [Dadi (did I get it right?)], are the ones with the golden baby touch during the shoot.

Maybe you already know this, but babies, especially newborns, sort of do their own thing.  Which means newborn sessions are a bit different than other family sessions.  We basically schedule around them.  If they’re not liking being on their stomach, we try to convince them with some shushing, and patting for a few minutes, but then we re-arrange and do something different.  Same if they’re getting fussy, and need a new diaper or to take a snack break or just some rocking to get comfortable and sleepy again.  We’re flexible and wait on them to be ready for their close up.

All that to say, as adults, we generally like having control, and newborn babies just sometimes take that control away, and we have to take a break, or do something a bit different, and that is TOTALLY okay.

So if you’re reading this, and looking at these delightful photos with Purva and Vivek’s little one, know that it took some time, and there were breaks, and EVERYTHING was totally fine.  Don’t feel like you need to apologize or feel rushed during the session.  Waiting for baby to be ready to go is definitely a part of a newborn session.

Also, Aryan’s grandparents were around, so we totally added them in for a few photos!  How special, right?  Also, if your grandma can make chi chai tea like Aryan’s grandma, she’s invited to all the photoshoots we do together :).

Thanks for welcoming me into your house guys!  Your child is so delightful and I’m honored to have been a part in photographing him during his first weeks of life.


*the above image, you guys, I’M OBSESSED!  I just can’t.  It’s so beautiful, and all the hands, and ugh.  So good.

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