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Longerich Family! Indianapolis, Indiana Family Session

February 19, 2021
“There’s only one thing more precious than our time and that’s what we spend it on.” – Leo Christopher

Like I mentioned, I’m playing catch up on the blog, which includes these amazing humans!  YAY!!!  I know Steph and Justin from Matty, our mutual friend/my old roommate/one of my favorite people, and pre-kid life they came over to the delightful parties we would throw [I mean, I’m gonna go ahead and brag here, but we threw a zombie party, and a princess bounce house party, and specialty drink party [caparenia?  I think it’s Brazillian?]… [they were delightfully epic house parties]… [I’m sure our neighbors disliked us disrupting their quiet little neighborhood].

ANYWAY, Steph and I have been talking about doing family photos for YEARS now.  And we finally did it!  And 1. Those kids are awesome.  Bailey is probably going to be an actress of some sort because she was ON and LOVING every moment of our session.  And 2.  When I asked Easton what his favorite thing about his dad was, he said “plays ball with me”.  You guys.  Kids don’t need a lot.  [I asked Justin what his favorite thing about Easton was, and he said something to the effect of, “I like that he’s always up for anything.  Any challenge”.

I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again, but you guys, I LOVE MY JOB.  I know, I know… but seriously.  I not only get to take photos, but I get to ask questions, and listen to beautiful answers, and see beautiful relationships and how people love each other.  And it’s just so damn good.

I’m so glad we made this happen you guys!  I LOVE your session.  The colors were perfect and it was such a delightful day wandering through Broad Ripple with you and finding delightful little spaces to make beautiful art of your family.


PS: Thanks again for that BRIC’s ice cream Justin.  #yum

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