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Maggie and Paul! Indianapolis, Indiana Wedding

October 21, 2022

Maggie and Paul are back on the blog!  YAY!  They’re the last of our run of 3 weekend August wedding (I’m behind in posting this, ugh!], but their ceremony and party did not disappoint.  Maggie is the kindest soul ever.  Even before her wedding day she was so lovely telling me how excited she was to have us photograph her wedding.  And Paul.  Well, he’s just solid.  LOVE them.

And y’all.  This group was here for the PARTY!

The church was lovely, the vows were great, especially loved when Maggie put Paul’s ring on the wrong hand (ha ha!), the bridesmaids and groomsmen were delightful, there was SO much dancing at the reception, and that outfit switch.  OMG.  Obsessed with that glitter romper.

You all were so much fun!  So glad you found and hired M.Rinaye for your wedding photography!


Ceremony Venue : Sacred Heart of Jesus

Reception Venue : The Biltwell 

Videographer : Rhoylite Studios

Wedding Co-ordinator : Whitney Holmes 

Hair : Christina Palmer – Urban Studios 

Flowers : Post Road English garden

Cake : Taylor Bakery 

Caterers : The Biltwell 

Brides Dress : Marie Gabriel 

Bridal Shoes : Kate Whitcomb 

Bridesmaids Dresses : BHLDN

Groom Attire : A.MINA Fine Tailors 

Music : DJ Mike Campbell

bride & groom first dance : This Too Shall Last, Andersen East
father & daughter dance : Dance With My Daughter, Jason Blaine
mother & son dance : Days Like This, Van Morrison


Most memorable moment?

M : This is a tough question!!!
Getting ready with my sisters and mom
First look with my dad and brothers
The final few seconds before walking down the aisle
Seeing Paul at the end of the aisle
The time spent together taking the sunset pictures
Our first dance
Our meal together with our family

P : Seeing her walk down the aisle
Photos outside the church
Sunset photos and indoor photos together when we first got off the bus

Advice for future brides/grooms?

M : Def recommend the outfit and shoes change.  Make sure your vendors put aside time for you and your partner to be together alone (thank you for doing this).  Take in all the little moments getting ready together with family and friends. If you are trying to save money, we went with a cheaper (but delicious) option – sheet cake for guests, small cake for couple. Tell your dad what kind of toast he is doing so he doesn’t ramble on for too long haha. Eat your dinner together and eat cake together. If you wanna skip the garter and bouquet toss, then go for it! 

P : Double check with your vendors the day before about any last minute things. Enjoy every moment and be present! 

Funniest memory?

M :  When the cooler busted on the bus and people acted like it was the titanic and the very pregnant bridesmaid joked it was her water breaking. When my sisters and I threw my brother’s girlfriend in the air and didn’t realize she was mooning everyone.

P : When Maggie put the ring on the wrong hand

If you could do it all over would you change anything?

M : Different bus company. Put the ring on the correct hand lol.
P : Put out my left hand for Maggie instead of the right.


Not yet!!

Lastly, are there any other vendors that you LOVED and want to give a special shout out to?

DJ Mike
Christina Urban Studios Christina Burton Events
Post Road English Garden

Molly and Grant! South Bend, Indiana Wedding

September 16, 2022

“Darling, just hold my handBe my girl, I’ll be your manI see my future in your eyes”-Ed SheranMolly and Grant were my second in a row of three August weddings, which I think has NEVER happened before [August was my hot month this year… but luckily not TOO hot].

Kory and I headed up to South Bend for this sweet day!  And the South Bend Century Center was perfection.  They had their ceremony out on the island, where there was a lovely breeze, we wandered around downtown just a few blocks away, and I realized, downtown South Bend is really rad, and I sort of miss it.

After an awesome ceremony, they partied!  Hooray!

Molly and Grant, your day was lovely.  Thanks so much for inviting us to be part of it!


Ceremony Venue : The Century Center of South Bend

Reception Venue : The Century Center of South Bend

Hair : Beauty and Bliss

Make Up : Beauty and Bliss

Flowers : Burns Rentals

Cake : Martin’s Supermarket 

Caterers : The Century Center of South Bend

Brides Dress : Greta’s 

Music : Music Machine 

Wedding Coordinator : Sarah Reid, A Seamless Day

bride & groom first dance : Perfect, Ed Sheran
father & daughter dance : Lullaby



Most memorable moment?

M : Signing the marriage license together as a group after the ceremony! 

G : First look photos! 

Advice for future brides/grooms?

M : Just enjoy the day!

If you could do it all over would you change anything?

M : I would have called out photos of groups of people I hoped to get photos with at the reception!


We’ll be headed to Jamaica!

Lastly, are there any other vendors that you LOVED and want to give a special shout out to?

Sarah Reid from A Seamless Day! Our day of coordinator did an absolutely amazing job.

Selom and Michael! Carmel, Indiana Wedding

August 23, 2022

“You gave me no other choice but to love you; all I wanna to do, is come running home to you.” – Grant GustinSelom and Mike’s wedding.  Y’all.  I just.  It was.  I have no words apparently.

Beautiful church?  Check.  Beautiful bride and groom?  Check.  Beautiful day?  Check.

I’m so glad these two found and hired me for their wedding photos!  The day was filled with so many special moments.  Speaking of moments, let’s all scroll down to see the full awesomeness of Selom’s dress and that TRAIN!  Right?!  It was the longest train I’ve photographed in a minute.  So gorgeous.

And Selom is originally from Togo, so their reception was one unlike any I’ve photographed so far.  Official dances, cash money thrown around, so much good energy and smiles and fun.  So much fun.

Selom and Mike, you two and your whole crowd were so great!  Thanks so much for inviting me to be part of your festivities!  LOVE how these photographs of your wedding day turned out.


Ceremony Venue : St Louis de Montfort Church

Reception Venue : The Garden Pavilion Ritz Charles

Make Up : Nikki Brown

Flowers : Bokay Florist

Cake : Ritz Charles

Caterers : Ritz Charles

Transportation : Antique Limousine of Indianapolis

Brides Dress : Marie Gabriel Couture

Bridesmaids Dresses : Made in Togo

Groom Attire : Men’s Wearhouse

Music : Dj Ra

Wedding MC : Candy Bibi

Photo Booth : Magic Mirror Photo Booth

bride & groom first dance : Runnin’ Home To You, Grant Gustin
father & daughter dance : You Raise Me Up, Westlife
mother & son dance : You Are My Sunshine, The Hound and the Fox


Most memorable moment?

S : How emotional Mike got when I walked down the isle. It reminded me of how much he loves me :) 

M : The second that Selom’s entrance music started playing I started to tear up. When I saw her at the end of the isle I absolutely lost it and started crying.

Advice for future brides/grooms?

S : Enjoy the planning process and try not to stress. Make decisions together, so you can both contribute to an amazing day. If you don’t have an amazing bridal team (my sisters were on top of it), get a wedding planner. 

M : Don’t stress. Enjoy the day.

Funniest memory?

S : When Fr. Jonathan called me out for not being the most patient person lol.

M : Best man speech with the topics of if snakes poop and me risking HR punishment at work to talk to Selom. 

If you could do it all over would you change anything?

S : No, I would not. 

M : I wouldn’t change a thing.


Not yet, but we are planning on going to an island for some much needed relaxation and several cocktails.