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Casey and Rob! Indianapolis, Indiana Wedding Photography

March 19, 2020

“With you, I’m happy being me
Don’t pretend, ’cause I don’t need to.” – Tom Walker


Amid all the chaos that’s been happening in the US and the world the last few weeks, I’m going to send some good beautiful things into the interwebs by blogging the wedding of Casey and Rob!  [Also, my sympathy goes out to all those of you who have had to postpone your wedding during this crazy season; what a story you will have to tell for years and years].

But I think you’ve heard enough about COVID-19 through the internets [hopefully you’re taking it seriously and fact checking meme’s that are like, “rinse your mouth out and you won’t get it”].

SOOOO, onto wedding fun!

You might remember Casey and Rob from their engagement session that was posted here on the blog this past fall.  We met up in Fletcher place, and took their engagement photos all over that sweet little neighborhood [also where Rob proposed to Casey, so a super sentimental spot; CLICK HERE to see more of those lovely portraits].

Their engagement session was rad, and so easy going and fun, so obviously their wedding followed suit.

AND, this was also the first LEAP DAY wedding I’ve ever photographed!  How delightful is that?  They will never be able to answer “How many years have you been married?” without a full conversation about it.  I love that.

Getting ready for the ladies was at an AirBnb in the Fall Creek neighborhood [I 100% suggest this if you’re going to get rooms/hotel/airbnb/etc anyway for your family; find one that’s big, and has awesome windows and character.  It is SO fun to photograph in these spaces].  And we met up with the guys at Casey and Rob’s apartment in Broad Ripple.  Ladies = chill, yummy drinks, yummy eats, delightful music.  Guys = energetic, beer, jokes, singing [I’ve never heard the Firefly song sung in such a way].

Their ceremony and reception were both held in Southern Broad Ripple [holler to SoBro!] at The Speak Easy!  I love this space.  Their wedding was my first official wedding there, but back in the archives you can find a rad stylized photoshoot I shot so it wasn’t my first time working in the space [HERE, HERE and HERE].

And I know I say this about every couple, but I really do truly feel like I have the best clients.  They are so kind and loving to each other and to me, and they trust me.  I love that.

So, things that stuck out from their wedding: Casey’s amazing dress [perfect for a wedding at a place called “The Speak Easy”, right?!?!], the very cool bouquets, boys singing with Alexa turned up as loud as possible in the apartment complex, first look at Locally Grown [shoutout to Ronnie who gave us permission to photograph in there!  That space is the raddest], the beautiful hanging lights in The Speak Easy, father of the bride leading the Barney song after his toast to the couple, the little boy who toddled out at the mother-son dance [I mean, how delightfully perfect?!?!], and the super fun dance party to end the night [I guess with roughly 800 brothers and sisters of Rob, the groom, that was bound to happen].

You two are SOOO lovely.  I’m so glad you found each other, fell in love, got engaged and then hired me to photograph your delightful wedding.  Hip hip hoorays for being married!


Hair : Laura Snyder

Make Up : Carly Sivillo

Flowers : Sola Wood Flowers

Ceremony/Reception Venue : The Speak Easy

Music : DJ Connection

Donuts : Long’s Bakery

Catering : Oca/Goose the Market

Brides Dress : Lulu’s

Brides Shoes : Nine West

Bridesmaids Dresses : Birdy Grey

bride & groom first dance : Better Half of Me, Tom Walker
father & daughter dance : Just Fishin’, Trace Adkins
mother & son dance : Boy, Lee Brice


Most memorable moment?

C : Definitely the first look! We really enjoyed being able to have a quiet moment together and got to take in what was about to happen! We also wrote letters to each other that we shared here which was a great way to share something more personal and private than vows in front of everyone else.

R : Getting to see each other at the first look, talk, and exchange letters we had written for each other was a great memory and made everything else going on not as stressful.

Advice for future brides/grooms?

C : I would highly recommend doing the first look and also taking a moment during the reception to stand aside and look at everyone that is there celebrating with you! We were lucky enough at the Speak Easy to stand on the loft and see everyone dancing below which is a great memory!

R : Enjoy the moment and don’t let anything take away from enjoying your wedding!

Funniest memory?

C : A few minutes after I walked into the first look to see Rob and while we were reading the letters we wrote for each other, I realized Bob Marley music was playing on the speakers. I giggled and said to Rob, that’s not exactly the music I had imagined but it lightened the mood and made us both laugh!

R : When my little brother/ best man told us to look in each others eyes and said we were looking at the person most likely to murder you. Morbid, but hilarious.

If you could do it all over would you change anything?

C : nothing!

R : nothing!


Whomp Whomp :(, the Banff and Lake Louise honeymoon at the end of the month has been canceled [darn COVID-19!]

Any others vendors you want to give a shout out to?

Alison Banks at the Artistry Group for her amazing help as our day of coordinator!


Jack’s New Born Session! Indianapolis, Indiana

February 11, 2020

“Making the decision to have a baby is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” ~Elizabeth Stone

At the very beginning of my career, I mostly photographed friends who I convinced to pose for me, or who I KNEW had just had a kid, and would be easily swayed into letting me crash their house for a few hours to photograph them.

After that, I dug into wedding photography pretty hard core, so I did an occasional session here or there for friends, but I mostly did weddings, in which case, we had met originally to chat for a couple hours about my style and packages and what their wedding was going to be like, and then we did their engagement session, and then we photographed their wedding.

In both of these early career situations, I had relationships with folks before they hired me and before I ever brought out my camera to take a single photo of them.

Launch into 2020, and I have flip flopped and now primarily photograph families, newborns, and other portrait sessions.  I show up [or they show up at the studio] and we’ve never met before.  I come into your home, rearrange some furniture, and get you to relax in front of my camera while making beautiful art and memories for you.  And I LOVE it.

I still love weddings, and photographing my friends, don’t get me wrong, but I love learning about people, in their space, with the folks they love the most and making art.

WHICH, brings me to introduce to you Jack!  And his rad parents Sheena [who found me on the midtown swaparoo- gosh I love that site], and Alex!

Between Alex’s busy schedule and the holiday, we scheduled his session I think the day before he turned 3 weeks old.  Which you can see by these photos, he wasn’t really interested in being wrapped up, had his eyes open much more than a fresh newborn, and LOVED to stretch and look around.

I love it.

There’s no ‘right time’ to get photos taken.  IF you want the rolled up, squishy, sleepy newborn images then definitely get them taken before 10 days old if possible.  BUT, if you want the kiddo to be a little more alert, and active, totally wait.  You might remember, I didn’t get to my sisters baby until about the same time as Jack’s session, but there’s nothing I don’t love about them.

I will say, there is an awkward stage between when babies are a little thicker but haven’t started to sit up on their own yet.  Maybe try to avoid scheduling a session during that time, but all the other times are GREAT!  Ha.

Sheena warned me when I got there that she doesn’t usually wear makeup, but had got it done before the session to feel a little more put together.  And I know she was out of her element, but dang girl!  You look SO pretty.  And I’m obsessed with your hair.  And also sad that Jack doesn’t have those curls [maybe someday?  I’ve heard first baby hair falls out and sometimes grows back differently?]  Alex, you’re fun to talk to.  I appreciate our conversation about how awesome science is [he works with folks who are trying to get pregnant].  Jack, you were an almost three week old little baby rockstar!  Love how curious you already are about the world, looking out windows and trying to decide if you like or dislike sniffs from Roland.

You guys were so warm to me from the minute I walked in [maybe that’s your southern charm?].  I loved photographing in your house, and hanging out with you three humans and that adorable dog Roland.  Thanks for hiring me for your first family portraits!


Beatrix and Jony Maternity Studio Session! Indianapolis, Indiana

February 4, 2020

“To be pregnant is to be vitally alive, thoroughly woman, and distressingly inhabited. Soul and spirit are stretched – along with body – making pregnancy a time of transition, growth, and profound beginnings.” ~Anne Christian Buchanan

Meet Beatrix and Jony and the bump!  Beatrix found me on the instagram [shoutout to Insta and hashtags for working and bringing my work in front of those who connect with it!].

We met up at the studio in the Stutz building, and created some BEAUTIFUL maternity photos for them [and Beatrix invited her brother to be in a few as well].  She came with the casual sweater outfit, and then this beautiful pink maternity dress that highlighted the belly.  I am sort of obsessed with that dress.  Many of my maternity sessions up to this point, have been on location, so we wander around outside, which generally lends itself towards more casual everyday clothes than beautiful flowey dresses.  I think it fit PERFECTLY for the studio session, especially on the dark background, it made it feel so moody, and you can almost feel the anticipation of that new baby coming into the world.

I love my job.

Also guys, I think photography is so cool.  I mean, I KNOW, it’s my job and all, and I studied it, and whatever, BUT, the cool thing is, I speak a handful of words in Spanish, and they speak a handful of words in English [I actually think Beatrix is great at speaking English; WAY better than my Spanish; but still].  We had sort of a language barrier, BUT, that didn’t stop us from making BEAUTIFUL art for her last days pregnant!  I love that.  I love that my job reaches people that don’t speak the language I grew up knowing.  I love that photos are taken all over the world, and valued by people on every continent and many languages.  It’s so cool.

So here you go!  This beautiful family welcomed their baby not too long after our session, so I’m grateful we got it in before she arrived!

Beatrix, you are a delight.  I’m so glad you found me.  Eres encantador.  Jony, you clearly love Beatrix so much, and I’m sure you will love that baby just as much.  Claramente amas tanto a Beatrix, y estoy seguro de que amarás a ese bebé de la misma manera.

¡Me encantó trabajar con ustedes! ¡Gracias por contratarme! 

Felicidades por tu nuevo bebé.


Toliver Family/Maternity Session! Indianapolis, Indiana

January 28, 2020
“I sustain myself with the love of family.” -Maya Angelou

November!  I mean, I know that it’s not November any more, but it was when we took these awesome family photos in SoBro.  And while it had snowed earlier this week, we were all SO grateful it finally melted, so we didn’t have to wander around in snow mush, or snow with leaves peeking out at us.

But it was cold.

And when it’s cold, and we’re doing an outdoor session, I often suggest we do some photos, and then take a tiny break with maybe a snack, and then do some more photos.  These little ladies got to partake in some Dancing Donuts for their snack break, and it was PERFECT.

So yay for a lovely fall family session, and yay for doughnuts.  Two of my very favorite things.

ALSO, if you follow me on instagram or facebook, you might have seen me post about these two wonderful parents.  I mean, I know I only met them for a minute, BUT they’re great.  We snuck away from their two little girls, for just a few minutes to capture mom + dad and their new tiny human coming soon. And guys, these two were very good at parenting when the girls were around, but then they were also so cute together. It was super clear that they adore each other. I love love. At every stage.

I’m so excited I’ll be seeing you again in March when that tiny human makes his/her appearance!  I know having three littles so close together might be a challenge, but I’ve heard that it’s the most amazing beautiful chaos.


Tyler Senior 2020 Session! Indianapolis, Indiana

January 21, 2020

“The important thing is not to stop questioning.”– Albert Einstein

When people ask how long I’ve lived in Indianapolis, it’s always a bit of a tricky answer.  The answer is 8-ish years, BUT, we had this 4.5 year jaunt up to South Bend, when my husband worked with the family business up there.

The first year living up there with all those grey clouds and all that SNOW, oh my gosh.  [I shall never live farther norther than Indy, I’m just not made to live with that much winter]. It was hard.  But then we started to find our people.  And Tyler was one of those people… well, I mean, he was part of our community, because he was [I think], only like, 9 or 10 when we first met.

I photographed his family when I was still living in South Bend, back in 2011, and Barb, his momma, has been following my work since then, even though we moved away from South Bend, and down here to Indianapolis.  So this fall, when she e-mailed and said, “Tyler’s a senior!  What are your senior photo options!”, I was, well, first of all crazed because how could he possibly be that old already, and if he’s that old, then I’ve also grown older.  And secondly, SO flattered and excited to see them and photograph this dude who I’ve known for so long!

One of the coolest things about getting older, really is that you see kids grow.  I was actually Tyler’s art teacher at Covenant Christian School in Mishawaka for a year, and I’m pretty sure I worked on reading with his little brother Conor.

Anyway, turns out Tyler is just as awesome as he was then.  Kind hearted, easy to smile and laugh, and going to do wonderful things in this world.

Tyler, best of luck post graduation, wherever you end up and whatever you begin to learn!  It was rad wandering around with you guys, and I’m so excited to share these awesome images with you.


Parker! Indianapolis, Indiana Newborn Session

January 14, 2020

“A baby is born with a need to be loved – and never outgrows it.” – By Frank A. Clark

When you’re BFF is expecting a baby, it seems weird to gift them diapers sometimes [I mean, that IS probably the most practical thing, but ya know…]  I have mixed gift giving feelings.  I LOVE finding the perfect gift, and thinking about my friend and what he/she would want, but I HATE the obligation of gifting something and the pressure to just buy some festive socks or whatever.  I want it to be good and useful, not destroy the environment, support small businesses and make my friends happy.

You know what is GOOD and USEFUL and will make your friends happy for YEARS AND YEARS TO COME?!?!  [oh, and also does not destroy the environment?] Family portrait session!

Which is what Kate and Colleen’s friends gifted them for their beautiful new little human Parker!  Who was AMAZING during her session.  This sweet baby was a trouper.  11 days old, and slept so beautifully for us.  We did most of their session in their awesome home in Fountain Square neighborhood, and then wandered down to the nearby park, where we hoped for some fall colors [we found one beautiful tree with leaves still on it], and also incorporated some perfect Christmas greens.

Kate and Colleen, you guys are doing awesome!  So loved hanging out with you three and taking this first family portraits.  From experience, your sleepless nights wont last forever, and the same with that newborn smell of sweet Parker.  Soak it all in!


Tyler Family! Indianapolis, Indiana Fall Family Portrait Session

January 10, 2020

“Ultimately the bond of all companionship, whether in marriage or in friendship, is conversation.” – Oscar Wilde

I’ve now photographed these beautiful humans a handful of times.  The first shoot we ever did was right when I was starting out and Eli, their oldest kiddo, had just been born, then we’ve done another one when both boys were in the picture, and another one with their extended family.  Back in the day though, these guys were definitely my husbands friends.  I mean, they were cool and all, but I didn’t KNOW them.  That was like, nine and a half years ago.

Since then though, magic has happened.  We moved back to Indy, and started hanging out here and there with them, then I was searching for some day away from mom school for my kiddo [they recommended a place that was PERFECT for us], and then Kristen and I started working out together [okay, the term “working out” I use loosely, but we definitely hang out at the YMCA one or two times a week together].  And now Kristen is one of my Indianapolis BFF’s.  I’m so grateful for her.  She’s got good parenting advice, she’s so smart and talking about God with her is so intriguing, she’s down for consignment shopping together, is THE friend to go to when you’re like “I feel like I need some nicer pants, that are comfy, but not jeans” [joggers, that’s the answer, though I haven’t tried them yet], and she shows up so well.  Guys, if you’re trying to find new friends, or grow better friendships: show up.  Say yes when there’s an invite.  Follow up on plans for lunch, or an art show, or a drink, or whatever.  Kristen is so good at this.

Steven’s alright too ;).  He and Ronald won 2nd and 3rd place last year in a winter 5K race together.  He used to own Fairly Handy, so he’s also the person I ask to borrow a saw from, or advice on what order I need to DIY my bathroom.

IN ANY CASE.  We did their family portraits, on a spectacularly beautiful fall morning [the day before it snowed here in Indy].  And I’M COMPLETELY OBSESSED!

Kristen texted the day before and was like, “I’m struggling with outfits”.  But guys.  I mean, woah.  I love this session so much.  Kristen should probably be an outfit consultant or something.

Ben and Eli, you guys are also rad.  Taking jumping photos of you was SO a highlight and will be featured on my website soon.

Tyler family, I like that we’re friends.  Thanks for being awesome.  And for hiring me to photograph your pretty faces.