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Malorie Maternity Session! Indianapolis, Indiana Studio Maternity Portraits

April 5, 2023

This winter has been the season of maternity sessions [also followed by baby photos, of course], and I am NOT mad about it.


Malorie e-mailed and said she had this red dress, and it did not disappoint.  And then she got brave and bared some belly skin and I feel like her and Jeremiah look like models.  Right?!?

They were my first clients in the new studio space [I’m no longer at The Stutz friends], and because I knew we couldn’t push back their session, the graciously overlooked a few loose ends I hadn’t gotten to yet.  AND WE MADE THESE BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS!

Maternity sessions are so special to me.  When I got into the hospital with Z seven weeks before his due date, I hadn’t yet booked my own session, but did do a few self portraits, and had my big camera in the hospital with me [I had grand plans of setting it up with the remote so I could photograph myself giving birth… and didn’t follow through with any of that :); birthing a baby is quite complicated enough, ha!]

Malorie!  You’re so beautiful in these images, and I’m so glad you made time to have this moment in your life photographed, so you can look back on your pregnancy and remember all the things about this time before your little one entered the world.


PS: If you wanting to book a maternity session, THIS LINK, could be helpful to figure out when to schedule it.  I’d start reaching out in your second trimester to book something.  I’ve been booking up two months in advance the past year, so get on the books early!

*Above, not a belly focused image, but I LOVE it.  Two humans coming together to create a baby is special y’all.

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