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Sam and Beth! Columbus, Ohio Engagement Session

September 11, 2018

“Be strong, be fearless, be beautiful. And believe that anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you.” -Misty Copeland

Sooo, it’s been a minute, but guys, GET READY!!!!  July was slow-ish, August was pretty dead [I read a lot of books and started dreaming of new businesses if I’m being honest with you (ha!)], and then towards the end of August, life was like *BAM*… and I feel like I’ve been non-stop since.  Which is delightful.

Part of the crazy, was driving over to Columbus, Ohio to photograph these two beautiful humans!

I’ve known Beth since my college days, and she has been a huge M.Rinaye fan before there even WAS an M.Rinaye.  She and her BFF Jill were the first to hire me to photograph a friends high school senior photos [hey Karissa!], and then both were in the first wedding I photographed solo [Jill = bride, Beth = bridesmaid].  In college we even did a session with just the two of them [I am totally going to find them and put it in my Insta-story].

The first interaction I had with Sam was when we were planning that surprise trip for Jill, and we were asking people if they wanted to help out and give some $.  Sam was like, “I have credit card points!”  And because you don’t get things if you don’t ask, I inquired about how he felt if we were to use them towards a convertible, to which he replied, “Convertible it is. Enjoy….”

Soooo, when Sam and Beth started dating, I was like, YES! [you can go ahead and picture me doing fist bumps in the air].

Beth, you’re an awesome human being, and I’m so glad you found Sam, another wonderful human.  I love that we’re friends and I get to be a part of your life, AND your wedding day.  I’m so excited for your future as husband and wife.

Can’t wait to photograph you again in October!

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