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Mauna and Jake Engagement Session! Grand Mere State Park, Michigan

June 11, 2019

“To escape and sit quietly on the beach – that’s my idea of paradise.” – Emilia Wickstead

Heyyo!!!  So when I was hmm, “being interviewed” ;) for the official photography job at their wedding, Jake and Mauna asked me if I’d be up for a trip to Grand Mere State Park for their engagement session.  And guys, Lake Michigan is one of my favorite places to go, so OF COURSE I was like, “YES PLEASE!”  Got it on the books, and decided to make a family weekend of it by renting a little airbnb and taking Z to the beach a few times, and hiking, and hanging out.

So yay Jake and Mauna for wanting your engagement session at Grand Mere!

The week before we were solidifying times to meet, and they reminded me that there was a good 20-30 minute hike to get to the beach [which is good, because I definitely had forgotten that part].  But it was SO worth it.

In case anyone is wondering, yes, solid YES I will drive back up to Lake Michigan to take your engagement photos, or family photos, or well, whatever else you come up with to photograph at this gorgeous place.

And Mauna and Jake!  This was the first time we hung out in real life [we FaceTimed for our first meeting], and they are both so lovely to be with.  It is so clear that Jake makes Mauna laugh ALL THE TIME, and that they just simply adore each other and make a super rad team.

I’m also grateful that Jake has a good sense of direction, since at some point we got lost from each other.  Guys, it was a little scary; I like being outdoors, but I am NOT the girl that’s going to survive 2 weeks, lost in the woods… but luckily they found me, and we all made it back to the cars before night fall.  Ha!

Mauna and Jake, I’m so excited to photograph you next year for your wedding!  This engaged year is going to go by so fast, but also probably feel so slow.  I loved hanging out with you on Lake Michigan!


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