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Jaxon! Rio Rancho, New Mexico Newborn Session

September 17, 2019

“Your fingerprints are on my heart.” – Tom Krause

And he’s here!  The much awaited birth of Jaxon!  Since the full family had been back to New Mexico just this summer for a cousins wedding, I knew I’d be flying solo for this quick weekend trip back to meet and photograph my sisters baby, the newest nephew.  And he didn’t disappoint.  He did all the things a baby is supposed to do ;).

Bonus, since I didn’t have a kiddo of my own to take care of, I was able to come hang out and hold baby Jaxon every day I was there, and hopefully was some help to my sister [I helped purge clothes and took 3 bags to goodwill; sort of random, but I totally enjoyed it].  [Also, in case you didn’t know, sometimes new momma’s don’t actually know how you can come and help.  Feel free to come with food, or swing by to hold baby while she showers, or go ahead and help yourself to the kitchen to clean some dishes for the family.  New babies are hard!  Also, just random calls to check in and see how things are going are super good].

Obviously being states away, I had to make plans ahead of time for his arrival, which means this wasn’t my typical shoot [under 10 days old], Jax was right at 20 days old for his session.  Which means, we got a few more open eyes photos, but he was still happy to be swaddled, and towards the end of the session, I got him to close those sleepy eyes for some adorably sweet napping photos.

Babies are awesome.  I think before birthing Z, I knew that, but then having my own I have felt it much more deeply.  It’s the coolest most magical thing I’ve experienced being his mommy.

Rika, Rusty, Joshua, that baby is so beautiful, and you are so lucky to get to love him and teach him, and guide him in this life.  I’m so glad I was able to come photograph him.

Love you guys!

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