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Matt & KT! Iowa City, Iowa Baby Bump Session

October 8, 2019

Friends!  Meet some of MY friends!  I’ve known Matt [or as I lovingly refer to as “Matty”], for over a decade now.  As crazy as that seems.  When I was trying to figure out life after college, I found myself somewhat roommate-less, and our mutual friend Megan [THIS awesome Megan], set us up as roomies [with two other folks].  I didn’t even meet Matt until he was moving his stuff into our rental house. 

Matty was probably my favorite of the roommates, and was often dreaming up crazy ideas, which I was ALWAYS a fan of [he had giant jars of alcohol he was fermenting (or something; I drank it, it was good) on our mantel for a while, he assisted in bringing our couches to the drive in movie theater, and was part of throwing awesome house parties with themes like: “bounce house party!” (it was just as rad as you might imagine), and “zombie party!” (I felt a little uncomfortable when the zombies left our house to stagger home; can you imagine how terrifying to come across a zombie person, NOT in the month of October?!]

5 years ago, he married his love KT [ahem… in a COSTUME WEDDING!  R and I dressed up as Buttercup and Dread Pirate Roberts], and NOW… these two amazing humans are having a tiny human of their own!!!

And with Matty’s awesome shenanigans, and KT’s amazing theater whims [she’s like, legit ya’all… a playwright who will have a show next fall at the Phoenix Theater here in Indy, that you should ALL plan on going to see, because it is going to be spectacular [it’s called “Love Bird’s”]…. between the two of them though… this kiddo is going to grow up in such an awesome atmosphere.  Obviously I’m excited to see their halloween costumes, but also, I’m just really really excited for them to be parents to this sweet new baby.

Enough about my nostalgic ramblings and gushing about how rad these two humans are, HERE’S THEIR MATERNITY SESSION!

R, Z and I drove over for a fun weekend, and we squeezed this shoot in on a delightfully chilly Sunday morning in Iowa City.  And Iowa City did not disappoint me one bit.  It’s full of beautiful murals, and cool random allies, and during our trip we saw Greta Thunberg at a climate strike, took a delightful hike, ate pizza at a barn with live music.

Loved it all.

And super in love with these photos too.

You guys are great!  You’re going to be amazing parents.


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  1. Anonymous permalink
    October 8, 2019 8:16 pm

    True Love Rules. Beautiful Pics! I’ve just seem them so its hard to formulate a quick response, but my first impression is that they are all great but at this moment I especially love the industrial B&W photo.


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